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Home page photo Lenny Cohen
About NCSQ page photo Lenny Cohen
Michael Stephenson bio photo
Lenny Cohen
Christopher Hemingway bio photo Lenny Cohen
Connie Frigo bio photo Lenny Cohen
Stephen Pollock bio photo Rick Klein
Brad Hubbard bio photo Twinkle Burke
Cannonball page photo Lenny Cohen
White House Photos Official White House Photographer
NCSQ with Robert Besen at the White House Dena Levine
Drastic Measures recording session Jared Sacks
NCSQ at Cannonball Tevis and Sheryl Laukat
Steve with Peter Schickele Robert Faub
NCSQ with Stephen Preston Twinkle Burke
NCSQ on the stairs at NCSA Lenny Cohen
Jared Sacks, Channel Classics Robert Faub
NCSQ with Ben Johnston Jeff Bair
NCSQ at Wildacres Robert Carroll
NCSQ rehearsing Schickele with NC Symphony Robert Besen
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NCSQ Logo on About NCSQ page Stephen Pollock
Bach Seal on The Art of Fugue page J. S. Bach
Sketch on Alry Publications page Joe Boley
Sketch on Links page Ron Crawford
Painting on Contact/Booking page Elizabeth Jean Pollock
Painting on Reviews Page Elizabeth Jean Pollock
Web Site Design Wayne Leechford


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