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Alanna Records
Check out New Century's New Recording Label.

ALRY Publications

Alry publishes a lot of NCSQ's music, including Steve Pollock's transcription of J.S. Bach's "The Art of Fugue." See NCSQ Sheet Music for the list of music published by Alry.

This link takes you to the web site of our management. Find out more information about NCSQ as well as other artists on the BesenArts roster. Also, check out the photo of our manager on the Home Page. He has really funny ears!

Boosey & Hawkes
If you live in Europe, this is where you can find our publication of Bernstein's "Selections from West Side Story." See NCSQ Sheet Music (make this a link) for specific ordering information.
Purchase "On Track" or other releases from Alanna Records.

Cannonball Saxophones
Makers of the saxophones prefered by New Century Saxophone Quartet. (Tell the owners Tevis and Cheryl that we sent you and receive a free Cannonball T-shirt!)

Channel Classics
Check out our recording label in Holland. Meet and listen to some of the other artists that record for Channel Classics. New Century is in good company!

Hal Leonard
This is where you can find our publication of Bernstein's "Selections from West Side Story" in the United States. See NCSQ Sheet Music (make this a link) for specific information.

James Houlik
Concert saxophonist James Houlik. Find out about Houlik and the annual saxophone retreat at Wildacres in the mountains of NC.

Wayne Leechford
Baritone saxophonist for New Century Saxophone Quartet during the 2009-2010 season and designer of this website.

Misha Films
Meet our co-conspirators for "The Art of Fugue" Multimedia Project. Misha and Misha are the creators of the 3-D computer-generated animations that accompany our live performances of "The Art of Fugue."

University of North Carolina School of the Arts
The first state supported arts school and the birthplace of New Century Saxophone Quartet.


Stephen Pollock
See what Steve is doing when he is not on the road with NCSQ.

Located in the mountains of NC, this beautiful artists retreat hosts the annual James Houlik Saxophone Retreat every June. NCSQ is the quartet-in-residence. Contact Steve Pollock for more information and to register for the next retreat.

"NCSQ in Manhattan" sketch by Ron Crawford






"NCSQ in Manhattan" sketch by Ron Crawford


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